"Everything is possible" - Description

The film is about:

Crossing country borders (Teresa has hitch-hiked across several continents);

Crossing age barriers (Teresa is 79 now and was 62 when she started hitch-hiking);

Crossing poverty barriers (her pension is about 200 pounds - 220 euro - 327 dollars a month);

Crossing language barriers (she knows only a few basic phrases in German);                                                                           

Crossing social norm barriers (at the age of 64 Teresa met a 40 year old Greek and has kept in touch with him ever since).    

We will see how much effort Teresa puts in to conquer obstacles, overcome her own weakness, meet every challenge and get across to her fellow riders without words.

By travelling Teresa defies the fate and proves that everything is possible in life and that we should think twice before we say 'pass' to chance.

Teresa didn’t want to share the fate of a thousand impoverished Polish senior citizens. She rebelled against it. In late middle age, she began to ask herself questions about love, death and God; and about her own sexuality and right to happiness. She packed her rucksack and set off hitchhiking through the world in pursuit of thrills and adrenaline. On the journey she found what had been missing for so long in her relationship with her husband – love.