"A Miracle at Vistula River" - Description

“A Miracle at Vistula River” is a historical documentary film portraying events, causes and the course of the Polish-Bolshevik war in 1920, made entirely from original film materials found in Russian, Polish and British archives. It is both a documentary action film, showing the last cavalry war realized in a silent film style of the twenties, which once created its own drama, original language and unusual poetry.

The television premiere of the film “A Miracle at Vistula River” took place on 13.08.2006 (Sunday) at 4:10 PM in the Polish Public Television TVP 1.

The screening of “The Miracle” also took place on 24.08.2006 (Thursday) at 9:15 PM in Kino Polska Television.

"The Miracle" was also shown on November 14 2006 at The Polish Film Festival in Chicago in the Gallery Theatre .