"7 x Moscow" - Production data and crew

7 x Moscow

The film by Piotr Stasik is like poetry without words. In seven long shots we can observe seven different areas in Moscow. These locations are not accidental. In fact every time the camera is placed in a key spot, typical for Moscow, yet completely different from others. Each one of them lets us get deeper and deeper into the city and its reality.


Production data

Year of production 2005
Running time 17'51''
Genre Documentary film


Director Piotr Stasik
Screenwriter Piotr Stasik
Director of photography Piotr Rosołowski
Editing Piotr Stasik
Production cooperation Agnieszka Janowska
Dorota Rozowska
Sound Anatolij Tiurikow
Music cooperation Piotr Stasik
Music designer Mateusz Bała
Iwo Klimek
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński