"Towards Poland" - Production data and crew

Towards Poland

This documentary series presents people who have chosen Poland as their new homeland. Each episode is dedicated to a different person. The characters come from different countries, graduated from different schools, had different reasons for coming to Poland, they live in different parts of the country and also their opinion on their new homeland differs. Individual episodes present one day of the character at their current living place in Poland, the reasons for coming there, opinion of the people from their surrounding, the portrait of the place the character came from and also their own opinion about those places and their present life situation.

Production data

Year of production 2008
Genre Documentary film


Director Jacek Knopp
Director of photography Jacek Knopp
Script writer of the whole series Krzysztof Kopczyński
Script writer of individual episodes Jerzy Domagała
Editing Agnieszka Bojanowska
Jakub Śladkowski
Music consultant Marta Broczkowska-Kędzierzawska
Translation Małgorzata Zawadzka
Editor Anna Kossut-Luboińska
Production manager Kuba Kosma
Production cooperation Radosław Gębicz
Małgorzata Zawadzka
Executive producer Krzysztof Kopczyński