"Moscow Wife" - Production data and crew

Moscow Wife

Barbara Białowąs film shows the lifestyles of modern Russian oligarchs' wives in the years after the collapse of Communism. But if you expect to see emptiness masked by the glitter and riches, you'll be in for a shock when you see a deep rooted, existential need for self-expression through art, as well as the awareness of the possibilities and challenges our life brings.

Production data

Year of production 2005
Running time 17'01''
Genre Documentary film


Director Barbara Białowąs
Screenwriter Barbara Białowąs
Director of photography Tomasz Sobański
Editing Robert Polewski
On-line editing Pavle Milicevic
Music designer Franciszek Kozłowski
Translation Sławosz Kwinta
Production manager Agnieszka Janowska
Production cooperation Aksana Nowokszczonowa
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński