"Constelations" - Production data and crew


Bert Hellinger is one of the most important and controversial personalities in the domain of psychology of our times, and this film would be the first to show his revolutionary "Family Constellations" therapy. The occasion would be Bert Hellinger's visit to Poland in the fall of 2005. We will follow the lives of two families participating in Hellinger's workshop, one from Poland, one from Germany.

Production data

Year of production 2007
Running time 52'
Genre Documentary film


Director Marcin Latałło
Screenwriter Marcin Latałło
Director of photography Marcin Latałło
Cameraman Sławomir Bergański
Editing Jaromir Dziewic
Marcin Latałło
Music Antoni Łazarkiewicz
Sound Marcin Latałło
Andrzej Kowal
Denis Streichardt
Rip sound Iwo Klimek
Sound editing Iwo Klimek
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński