"The Forest" - Production data and crew

The Forest

“The Forest” is a black and white experimental film. The action of the film takes place in two periods of time. An old man leads his son through a forest, and is simultaneously under his care confined to bed with a deadly illness.


Production data

Year of production 2009
Polish premiere 08.01.2010
Running time 75'
Genre Feature film


Director Piotr Dumała
Actors Stanisław Brudny (ojciec)
Mariusz Bonaszewski (syn)
Screenwriter Piotr Dumała
Animation Piotr Dumała
Cinematography Adam Sikora
Art design Piotr Dumała
Sound Jacek Hamela
Rip sound Jacek Hamela
Editing Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk
Beata Liszewska
Music Paweł Szymański
Production manager Bożena Krakówka
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński
Co-producer Bożena Krakówka