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"The Unemployed" in Polish Television Channel TVP Kultura


„The Unemployed”, a documentary by Nastia Tarasowa, was bought by TVP Kultura for numerous screenings within the next 6 months. We recommend this documentary made by the young graduate of the Moscow Film School, who worked on it within the frames of „Poland-Russia. New Gaze” (second edition). Eureka Media and Adam Mickiewicz Institute are co-organizers of this project. 

"Warsaw Available" in Damascus


"Warsaw Available" directed by Karolina Bielawska and Julia Ruszkiewicz has been chosen for the International Documentary Film Festival DOX BOX, organised March 2-10 in Damascus. The film will be screened in the Creative Document section „Looking for a Better Life”. Official website of the festival:

,,52 percent"
,,52 percent"

"52 percent” in Spain


A movie directed by Rafał Skalski will be presented on Mujerdoc – International Documentary Film Festival On Gender in Spain. It is the second edition of the festival which will take place in Soria from 14th to 26th of March 2011.  "52 percent” will be screened on 15th of March.
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Hanna Polak graduated from the Moscow Film School


Hanna Polak (Oscar nominee for co-directing the documentary „Children of Leningradsky”) graduated from the Moscow Film School, Department of Cinematography with an A grade. Her diploma based on shooting made in Afghanistan in 2006 for our film „Stone Silence”. Congratulations!

"The Forest"
"The Forest"

"The Forest" nominated for the Polish Film Awards


"The Forest" directed by Piotr Dumała received three nominations for the Eagles (Orły) Polish Film Awards. Our movie was nominated for the discovery of the year - Piotr Dumała, cinematography - Adam Sikora and editing - Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk (died on 5th of February 2008, during the editing of the movie) and Beata Liszewska.

32 films altogether candidated for the nominations within 16 categories. The ceremony will be held on 7th of March 2011. It is 13th edition of the award. The Eagles is an accolade by the Polish Film Academy, with Agnieszka Holland as the President. Polish Film Academy is an equivalent of the national film academies, which award the prizes like e.g. French Cesars.