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"Kites" - a documentary about lack of film education
"Kites" - a documentary about lack of film education

Audiovisual and Media Education in the World (in comparison with Poland). A conference taking place on 23 November 2012, Warsaw, Poland


The Polish Film Institute, and the Centre for Open Multimedia Education, University of Warsaw, in partnership with the Department of Rhetoric and Media, Institute of Applied Polish Studies, University of Warsaw and Eureka Media Ltd. are organising a one-day conference on 23 November 2012, with the aim of identifying the state of audiovisual and media education in the world and conducting a discussion on the potential in the Polish context. The conference will be a gathering of audiovisual and media theoreticians and practitioners.

By audiovisual and media education we mean both education in the field of the media, particularly film (including the study of using multimedia tools), and the use of media in education in other fields. We will offer talks (given live and online) from 6 countries, a talk on the policies of the European Union in this field (in a global context), and a talk and discussion presenting predictions of the future of audiovisual and media education in Poland.

The areas under discussion – which ought to be reflected in each 20-minute talk referring to a specific country – are as follows:

1. The present state (2012): the legal bases of education in these fields, institutions working with this branch of education, educational levels, special subjects at various levels of education, access of students to equipment and technology (the Internet), degree subjects and educational institutions offering this kind of education at various educational stages, opinions on the current state as of 2012, the main problems to solve, evaluations of the current situation;

2. Planned changes – their conceptual foundation, a timeline, initiators and supporters of change, state institutional assistance, planned relations with the media and business community, education for the “digitally excluded”, treating the loss of computer literacy;

3. Case study – a description of a successful project or event in the field of audiovisual and media education (e.g. an e-learning platform, a syllabus, an interactive radio or TV programme, a set of teaching materials etc.).

The conference languages will be English and Polish. There will be translations of the Polish part of the discussion for English-speaking participants.

BUW (the new library of the University of Warsaw), 56-66 Dobra Str., 10 a.m. More information soon.

„The Forest” on 13th Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec


3 – 12 of August 2012 were days when the 13th edition of Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec on Roztocze begun. One of the points on the agenda was a series of films presenting their drama on the theme of the forest or those who use the forest as a background theme of the movie stories.

In this series, called "This whole forest", was shown 11 films from around the world, including “The Forest” – our production, directed by Piotr Dumala.

For more information about the films at LAF Festival:

„Planet Kirsan” on Traveling Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film


"Planet Kirsan", the video of our production, directed by Magdalena Pięta, was shown at last year's International Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film., which is one of the largest film events on human rights.

But this year the film took part in the Traveling Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film. During this festival people can see only selected productions, which took part in the International Film Festival WATCH DOCS in the previous year.

“Planet Kirsan” was displayed in several cities, last week in Chełm.

More information about festival:

"Kites" at the New Horizons Film Education


We are pleased to write that the film "Kites" produced by Eureka Media and directed by Beata Dzianowicz has been once again (14 times) shown during the project New Horizons Film Education. The aim of the project is to educate children and young people about the art of film. It shows them interesting and important films (both modern and classics).

For more information about New Horizons, please visit:

Krzysztof Kopczynski as a member of the Shorts Competion Jury on the seventh Batumi International Art-House Film Festival (BIAFF)


BIAFF, the international film festival in Batumi (Georgia), began on September 16th and it runs until 22nd September.

In the Shorts Competition are three Polish films: "Paparazzi" by Piotr Bernas, "Three days of freedom" by Łukasz Borowski and "Willy" by Bartosz Kruhlik.

Excepting  Krzysztof Kopczynski jurors are also: Dato Janelidze, Iryna Romanchenko, Sitora Alyewa and Michal Klimkiewicz.

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