"The Other Revolution" - Production data and crew

The Other Revolution

Political revolution of 1989 was followed by “the other revolution” in Central Europe - unprecedented economic transformation of the Eastern Bloc States – from planned economy to capitalism. Based on individual stories from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, “The other revolution” depicts everyday life of people facing the sudden possibility to create their own life space and living standards. Economic changes are commented by politicians: Leszek Balcerowicz, Karel Schwarzenberg, Mikulàš Dzurinda, and international financial experts, Camdessus (IMF) and Jean Lemierre (BERD), considering the fact that facing current financial crisis, this capitalism turns out to be quite risky.

"The Other Revolution" was broadcast by the Planete Channel.

Production data

Year of production 2009
Running time 53'
Genre Documentary film
Production Alegria Productions
Co-production Eureka Media


Director Małgorzata Bucka
Screenwriter Christine Camdessus
Director of photography Frank Peter Lehmann
Jean-Gabriel Leynaud
Sound Oliver Lumpe
Editing Paul Morris