"The Last Stop - Zagórz" - Production data and crew

The Last Stop - Zagórz

We are shown around this provincial, picturesque town in southern Poland by a local postman. Together we meet people from the town and visit their homes. For the young Zagorz is just the first stop on their way into the big world. For the old it's a place where they are getting ready to say their final goodbye.

Production data

Year of production 2005
Running time 17'06''
Genre Documentary film


Director Julia Ishakowa
Screenwriter Julia Ishakowa
Director of photography Aleksander Czernow
Editing Aleksander Czernow
Sound editing Aleksander Czernow
Translation Łukasz Kłuskiewicz
Olga Litwikowa
Production cooperation Łukasz Kłuskiewicz
Dorota Rozowska
Inesa J. Piątkowska
Production manager Adam Papliński
Co-producer Witold Będkowski
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński