"About the Truth" - Production data and crew

About the Truth

Immigration, living in a foreign country always brings hardships, ordeals and loneliness. But Helena, a Russian living in Poland, seems to be a successful and accomplished creator of an amateur theater, a loving and loved wife and mother. Could there be any other side to her life? Will the director manage to reach and reveal it? One thing is for sure, he manages to break the stereotype of poor Russians making living selling smuggled cigarettes. Yet there is another layer, the director's narration on how virtually impossible it is to break such a stereotype in a film.


Production data

Year of production 2005
Running time 14'31''
Genre Documentary film


Director Nikołaj Borts
Screenwriter Nikołaj Borts
Director of photography Michał Ślusarczyk
Sound editing Nikołaj Borts
Editing Nikołaj Borts
Production cooperation Aksana Nowokszczonowa
Editor Andrzej Titkow
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński