"6 Bielinskiego Street" - Production data and crew

6 Bielinskiego Street

A communal apartment in a Petersburg tenement house is shared by a few young artists, crooks, an elderly music composer and a teenager deeply in love with her husband. We can see life both of bohemians and ordinary people. But are they just sharing the hall, kitchen and the city they live in, or also their dreams or lack thereof?


Production data

Year of production 2005
Running time 26'
Genre Documentary film


Director Karolina Bielawska
Screenwriter Karolina Bielawska
Director of photography Wirginia Surdej
Editing Tomasz Kowalski
Music designer Anna Widermańska
Production manager Agnieszka Janowska
Production cooperation Aksana Nowokszczonowa
Inesa J. Piątkowska
Producer Krzysztof Kopczyński