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"Long-distance Runner"
"Long-distance Runner"

"Long-distance Runner" at Era New Horizons festival


"Long-distance Runner" by Jacek Szarański will be screened in Polish Short Movies competition on 9th International Film Festival "Era New Horizons" in Wroclaw (23rd of July – 2nd of August 2009).
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"The Art of Silence"
"The Art of Silence"

"The Art of Silence" at Krakow Film Festival


"The Art of Silence", a documentary directed by Raphael Lewandowski, was screened during the 49th Krakow Film Festival which took place from May 29th till June 4th. "The Art of Silence" was shown on June 1st, 3pm at Kino pod Baranami/Blue Hall (Rynek Główny 27, Cracow).
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"My Kieslowski"
"My Kieslowski"

"Russia-Poland" again at Kino Most, Warsaw


Ja Wisła Foundation organized second Kino Most screening. Audience had opportunity to see three documentaries directed by Russian artists: "My Kieslowski" (dir. Irina Volkova), "The Last Stop - Zagórz" (dir. Yulia Ishakova), "The Sacred" (dir. Aliona Polunina). The screening started on Friday May 22nd at 21.00 at Port Czeraniowski.

"Jerzy Grotowski - an Attempt at a Portrait" in Sophia


"Jerzy Grotowski - an Attempt at a Portrait" by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz was shown on 18th of May 2009 in Polish Institute in Sophia The screening was combined with a lecture of professor Zbigniew Osiński( the author of a movie script) "The artistic way of Jerzy Grotowski". The screening was a part of an event organized by Polish Institute due to celebrations of the Grotowski’s Year.
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"Kites" in the Main Competition at the Planete Doc Review in Warsaw »


"Kites" by Beata Dzianowicz took part - as one of two Polish documentaries - in the Millenium competition of the 6th Planete Doc Review film festival. Dates of the screenings: May 13th, 20.30, hall 3 (Beata Dzianowicz and Krzysztof Kopczynski will be present), May 14th, 15.00, hall 4 and May 15th, 17.15, hall 4.

Second film, "The Art of Silence" by Raphael Lewandowski, took part in the Magic Hour competition. It was shown on May 14th at 20.45 and May 16th at 14.30.

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