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"Stone Silence""
"Stone Silence""

"Stone Silence" in Albania


"Stone Silence" by Krzysztof Kopczyński took part the 4th International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania. It took place in Tirana from 29th of September till the 4th of October 2009.
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"Stone Silence"
"Stone Silence"

"Stone Silence" in Brussels


"Stone Silence" by Krzysztof Kopczyński took part in competition in the first International Film Festival Millenium in Brussels. The festival, established to promote documentary films, took place in Brussels from 19th to 29th of September 2009.

"7 x Moscow"
"7 x Moscow"

"Russia-Poland" at the festival in Elbląg »


Six documentaries realized under "Russia-Poland. New gaze" project were shown in the II edition of Good Artcountries Festival in Elbląg. The screening took place on 22 September at 7 pm in the Swiatowid cinema. Following films will be screened: "6 Bielinskiego Street" by Karolina Bielawska, "A Folk Tale" by Monika Filipowicz, "The Suburban Train" by Maciej Cuske, "7 x Moscow" by Piotr Stasik, "The Last Stop - Zagórz" by Julia Ishakova and "About the Truth" by Nikolai Borts.

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"The Forest" by Piotr Dumala awarded in Gdynia


"The Forest" - the first feature film directed by a prominent animator Piotr Dumala - was awarded last Saturday at the closing ceremony of the 34th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. The film which took part in the main competition, got a special award of the jury for outstanding artistic values.


"Kites" at Education Action Campaign


"Kites" by Beata Dzianowicz was shown during new edition of Education Action Campaign organized by Polish Humanitarian Organization. The main aim of the action is to enable the access to education for children and adults from the Third World. The screening took place in Luna cinema in Warsaw on 14th of September 2009. The funds raised by PHO from the tickets will support the main objects of the mentioned campaign.