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"The Suburban Train" and "The First Day" in Charlie cinema


„The Suburban Train” dir. by Maciej Cuske and „The First Day” dir. by Marcin Sauter will be screened on Thursday, January 13th, at 7 p.m. in Charlie cinema in Lodz. The directors of both films will take part in the screenings. A hearty welcome!

"The Forest"
"The Forest"

"The Forest" awarded as the best Polish film


The critics of "The Cinema" monthly has chosen the best films of 2010. "The Forest" by Piotr Dumała was awarded as the best Polish film, leaving "Essential Killing". "All I love" and "Mother Theresa of Cats" behind.

The prize was given by: Iwona Cegiełkówna, Andrzej Kołodyński, Iwona Kurz, Tadeusz Sobolewski and Tadeusz Szczepański.

"The Cinema" is considered as the most meaningful film magazine in Poland.


"The Forest"
"The Forest"

"The Forest" nominated as the best Polish film.


The reviewers of weekly "Przekrój" - seven serious people, who has their eyes always wide open, has chosen the best movies of 2010th.

"The Forest" by Piotr Dumała was awarded in the "Best Polish film" category.
The prize was given by: Michał Burszta, Wojtek Kałużyński, Karolina Pasternak, Michał Oleszczyk, Małgorzata Sadowska, Ola Salwa i Bartosz Żurawiecki.

"17th August"
"17th August"

"17th of August" received Special Commendation at Prix Europa


"17th of August" by Alexander Gutman received Special Commendation at Prix Europa in the TV Best Documentary Programme 2010 section. Jury citation: "A man in Russia sentenced to life in prison knows that life means a lifetime. The only way he will leave is in a coffin. The director of this claustrophobic film, Alexander Gutman, is not frightened to hold hold long shots of nothingness, as the prisoner tries to fill yet another day with meaning. There was no commentary but the excellant soundtrack of a world outside the prisoners cell told only too well of his being cut off from life. An impressive small scale scripted film."

"Planet Kirsan" won in Chicago


The Young Cinema Award of the 22nd Polish Film Festival in America for the most promising first documentary film of the festival goes to Magdalena Pięta for "Planet Kirsan".