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"The Forest"
"The Forest"

"The Forest" nominated for the Polish Film Awards


"The Forest" directed by Piotr Dumała received three nominations for the Eagles (Orły) Polish Film Awards. Our movie was nominated for the discovery of the year - Piotr Dumała, cinematography - Adam Sikora and editing - Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk (died on 5th of February 2008, during the editing of the movie) and Beata Liszewska.

32 films altogether candidated for the nominations within 16 categories. The ceremony will be held on 7th of March 2011. It is 13th edition of the award. The Eagles is an accolade by the Polish Film Academy, with Agnieszka Holland as the President. Polish Film Academy is an equivalent of the national film academies, which award the prizes like e.g. French Cesars.   


"Kites" in Spain


"Kites" directed by Beata Dzinaowicz will be shown on Ibn Arabi Film Festival in Murcia. The screening will take plce on the 1st of February. The second edition of the festiwval lasts from 31st of January till 5th of February 2011.

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"The Forest"
"The Forest"

"Golden Tape" for "The Forest"


Film critics from the Polish Filmmakers Association SFP gave the 2010 best film prize at the Golden Tapes awards to The Forest (Las) written and directed by Piotr Dumała. The prominent awards ceremony has been presented since 1985 by the film critics of SFP who are also associated with FIPRESCI. It's a fifth award for our film.

"The Suburban Train" and "7xMoscow" in Galeria Zachęta


"The Suburban Train” dir. by Maciej Cuske and „7xMoscow” dir. by Piotr Stasik will be screened during Ryszard Kapuściński exhibition in Galeria Zachęta.
Photos shown at the exibition in Zachęta were taken by Ryszard Kapuściński in the Soviet Union in the 80s and 90s. Perestroika and quick political changes pushed Polish reporter and journalist to set off and as an result to write “Imperium”. This 3-part-book describes Kapuściński’s encounters with the Russian Empire: in 1939 in his hometown Pińsk, where – as a child - he witnessed first displacements to Siberia, between 1958-1967 when he travelled to countries of the former Soviet Union in the times of the biggest political changes and the beginning of the collapse of it. Last part of the book is a collection of author’s reflections.
The proposed film programme perfectly illustrates moments in the Russian history described by Kapuściński. Like photos shown at the exhibition, chosen documentaries and features are about people – witnesses of events, whose life was determined by history.
A hearty welcome!
February 14th, 2011 (Monday), 6 p.m.
Galeria Zachęta (Zachęta Gallery)

Masovian Film Fund


Krzysztof Kopczyński has become an expert of the Masovian Film Fund. MFF was established this year as the next regional fund supporting film production.