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"Planet Kirsan"
"Planet Kirsan"

"Planet Kirsan" in New Zealand


"Planet Kirsan" by Magdalena Pięta will be screened on the New Zealand International Film Festival. The event will take place from 29th of July to 14th of August 2011. The first edition of the festival took place in Auckland in 1969. Currently the festival opens in Auckland one weekend and gets underway in Wellington the next. A programme of approximately 150 features is presented in Auckland and Wellington.



"Skylight" for a goodnight


A documentary movie by Jacek Knopp about the high access cooperative established in 1983 by group of oppositionists from Gdansk will be screened in TVP Info on 24th of June (Friday) at 12.12 a.m. Havent' seen it yet, please do watch it. The next day is Saturday, you can have a good sleep.

"Skylight" in Channel 2 - audience


463 thousand of people saw the documentary by Jacek Knopp in Channel 2 of Polish Public Television (TVP) on 4th of June. The movie will be shown also in TVP Info.

"Planet Kirsan"
"Planet Kirsan"

"Planet Kirsan" at the Sheffield Doc/Fest


"Planet Kirsan" by Magdalena Pięta will be screened at the Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK) in the Youth Award Competition. Sheffield Youth Jury Award is given to the film that is most engaging for young audiences and is chosen by a jury of young people ages 16-21. Our documentary will be shown on June, the 11th. Everyone is welcome!

Screen Leaders
Screen Leaders

Screen Leaders EU


Krzysztof Kopczyński and Aleksandra Derewienko are participating in Screen Leaders EU Leadership and Strategic Company Development  programme devised for European professionalists. The workshop was designed to enhance business expertise in the key skill areas of strategic leadership and opportunities in the international marketplace including American market.
The first session took place in Cavan in Ireland from 2nd to 5th of July. Marcin Nawrot, an ambassador of Poland to Ireland was a guest of the opening session. One of the lecture was given by James Hickey, recently named as the new chief executive officer of the Irish Film Board. Next sessions will take place in July in Berlin and in November in Prague.