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"Planet Kirsan"
"Planet Kirsan"

"Planet Kirsan” on HumanDoc Film Festival


"Planet Kirsan" by Magdalena Pięta will be screened on International Film Festival HumanDoc ,,Global Development in Cinema” in Polish Contest category. The event will take place from 12th to 17th of November. Screenings of "Planet Kirsan" are planned for 14th and 16th of November in Kinoteka cinema. There will be additional screenings for people with hearing impairments.
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"Planet Kirsan"
"Planet Kirsan"

As a sign of protest Eureka Media withdrew "Planet Kirsan" from the "Cinema Verite" Festival in Iran


Dear Documentary and Experimental Film Centre, 


After hearing the stunning news that filmmakers Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Mehran Zinatbakhsh and film distributor Katayoon Shahabi were not released from the unjust detension we decided to take a stand on this overwhelming circumstance.

This information shocked us just as it did many of our friends working for festivals all over the world. After receiving so many e-mails asking for support we cannot stay aside. Yet there is only one way in which we can raise our strong objection!

As a solidarity to the filmmakers that are being kept imprisoned and a strong disagreement with the human rights policy undertaken by the Iranian government we request to withdrawn our films from the participation in Cinema Verité Iran International Documentary Film Festival. The titles are as follows:

Takie życie/ That’s life by Daniel Zieliński

La Machina by Thierry Paladino

Smolarze/ Charcoal burners by Piotr Złotorowicz

38,5 by Grzegorz Dębowski

Komeda, muzyczne ścieżki życia/ Komeda a soundtrack for a life by Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy

Planeta Kirsan by Magdalena Pięta

This decision was made unanimously with all the producers and filmmakers and expresses our clear standpoint to this unjust violation of human rights.  


On behalf of Krakow Film Foundation,

Katarzyna Wilk and Zofia Ścisłowska


Thank you so much for your support! I would like to thank Polish filmmakers' expression of solidarity on behalf of dozens of intimidated Iranian filmmakers.

Warm regards


The character of "Planet Kirsan"
The character of "Planet Kirsan"

"Planet Kirsan" in Ann Arbor, Michigan


"Planet Kirsan" directed by Magdalena Pięta will be shown during the 18th Ann Arbor Polish Film Festival, Michigan, USA. The screening will take place at The University of Michigan Museum of Art, Sunday, 13th of November, 1 p.m. Welcome!

The international premiere of the documentary took place also in the US, on the Full Frame Documentary Festival.


"Skylight" awarded in Poznan


"Skylight" directed by Jacek Knopp was awarded on the 3rd edition of International Documentary Film Festival Tranzyt in Poznań. He received special mention in the category the best medium lenght documentary.

"Warsaw Available"
"Warsaw Available"

Movies of Eureka Media at Tranzyt festival


Movies produced by Eureka Media will be screened on the 3rd edition of International Documentary Film Festival Tranzyt in Poznań. "Skylight" by Jacek Knopp will be screened on 13th of October, "Planet Kirsan" by Magdalena Pięta and "Warsaw Available" by Karolina Bielawska and Julia Ruszkiewicz on 15th of October.