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"Farewell Comrades" on TVP1


The first part of a documentary cycle "Farewell Comrades!" will be screened on TVP1 on Wednesday, September 3rd, 10.55 PM. This six-part series tells a story of a collapse of soviet regimes in Eastern Europe and Asia. The series was co-produced by Eureka Media. Next episode is planned for Wednesday, September 17th.

"The Moscow Wife" in Jarocin


"The Moscow Wife" - a short documentary directed by Barbara Białowąs - will be screened in Jarocin during the 5th Piotr Łazarkiewicz Film Academy (13nd of August).

The film has been produced by Eureka Media within the "Russia - Poland New Gaze Project"  (2005-2010). together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. 15 documentaries produced at that time have been shown in 50 countries at least.

Certyficate "The Science-Friendly Company" for Eureka Media


The Technical University of Łódź (Poland) gave Eureka Media certificate "The Science-Friendly Company".

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TV screenings of "The Estate" by Łukasz Dębski


“The Estate” is a portrait of Marcin, who is 32 and a few years ago tried to commit suicide when suffering from depression. He was saved by a miracle. 

Please watch our new short documentary (Polish):

"Everything Is Possible" in Wrocław, Wellington, Sokołowsko and Pärnu


"Everything Is Possible" by Lidia Duda will be screened within Festivals: T Mobile New Horizons in Wrocław, Poland, NZIFF in Wellington, New Zealand, Hommage a Kieślowski in Sokołowsko, Poland and Pärnu, Estonia.