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"The Moscow Wife" in Jarocin


"The Moscow Wife" - a short documentary directed by Barbara Białowąs - will be screened in Jarocin during the 5th Piotr Łazarkiewicz Film Academy (13nd of August).

The film has been produced by Eureka Media within the "Russia - Poland New Gaze Project"  (2005-2010). together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. 15 documentaries produced at that time have been shown in 50 countries at least.

Certyficate "The Science-Friendly Company" for Eureka Media


The Technical University of Łódź (Poland) gave Eureka Media certificate "The Science-Friendly Company".

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TV screenings of "The Estate" by Łukasz Dębski


“The Estate” is a portrait of Marcin, who is 32 and a few years ago tried to commit suicide when suffering from depression. He was saved by a miracle. 

Please watch our new short documentary (Polish):

"Everything Is Possible" in Wrocław, Wellington, Sokołowsko and Pärnu


"Everything Is Possible" by Lidia Duda will be screened within Festivals: T Mobile New Horizons in Wrocław, Poland, NZIFF in Wellington, New Zealand, Hommage a Kieślowski in Sokołowsko, Poland and Pärnu, Estonia.

Two TV screenings of "Everything Is Possible"


Our documentary will be shown at IKON (The Netherlands) on 22nd of July and TVP1 (Poland) on 24th of July. That's good for the Dutch as well as the Polish audience.