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"The Dybbuk" at 16th Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec, Poland


After the screening on Sunday 9th of August Q&A with Krzysztof Kopczyński took place, led by Konrad Zarębski, film critic and journalist.

The Fipresci Jury Award in Odessa goes to "The Dybbuk"


"The Dybbuk. A Tale of Wandering Souls" won the Fipresci Jury Award at the 6th Odessa International Film Festival.

"The Dybbuk" selected for the National Competition of the Odessa Film Festival


6th Odessa International Film Festival is one of the most far-reaching Ukrainian film festivals. The festival is scheduled for a week between 10 and 18 July 2015.

Official selection was announced on June 17.

"The Last Generation" license bought by ITVN


This 2011 documentary film by Zbigniew Iwaszuk tells the story of three women, who survived the Holocaust and visit their home town after many years. Thanks to ITVN (TVN International) the movie will be distributed among Polish people living abroad.

Silver Hobby-Horse for "The Dybbuk"


Krzysztof Kopczyński was awarded on 55th Krakow Film Festival with Silver Hobby-Horse for the Director of the Best Documentary Film for his film "The Dybbuk. A Tale of Wandering Souls". The prize was awarded "for courage and non-conformity in showing an extremely complicated and universal problem of reciprocal intolerance when facing the dangers of the contemporary world."