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"The Dybbuk" likes the US


"The Dybbuk" will be screened at the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival "Faces of Conflict" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, 30th of March, 7:00 pm, McConomy Auditorium | CMU University Center. Director Krzysztof Kopczyński in person! (it will be the 27th Q&A with the director after the screening of the film). Welcome!

"The Dybbuk" in Washington


"The Dybbuk" will be screened within the Washington Jewish Film Festival on 26th February. We recommend this important festival and our film!

A Scandinavian Premiere of "The Dybbuk"


"The Dybbuk" will be screened at the 39th Goeteborg Film Festival - the largest festival in Scandinavia on 2nd, 3rd and 6th of February. The documentary will be represented by our Swedish co-producer, David Herdies. Welcome!

Screenings of "Kites" in 15 cities in Poland


"Kites" by Beata Dzianowicz will be screened in February in 15 cities in Poland within the New Horizons of Film Education action. Our documentary tells the story about the film course made by Polish fimmakers in Kabul. 

Travels of "The Dybbuk"


Only few days ago "The Dybbuk" has been shown at WATCH DOCS film festival in Warsaw (6, 7 December) and in Bydgoszcz (8 December) during the meeting of KMF Mozaika. But now new screenings are upcoming: on Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival (10 December) and Artdocfest Festival in Moscow (11, 14 December). Jerusalem JFF is a influential event among Jewish festivals and is a part of Jerusalem International Film Festival. Both festivals have a common venue - the Jerusalem Cinematheque, sitting on the edge of Gehenna valley. Russian Open Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest" in Moscow is in turn the most recognized independent documentary film festival in Russia. "The Dybbuk" is going to be shown there as a part of the programme "Empire. The Dissolution". Director and producer of the film, Krzysztof Kopczyński, is going to be present during all screenings and will discuss the film with the audience during Q&A's. In Jerusalem he will be joined by his assistant and interpreter during the realisation of "The Dybbuk" - Mr Avishay Hadari. Exact dates and hours of the screenings below:

10 December - Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem Cinematheque, 11 Hebron Rd., 17:30 (Israel time)

11 December - Artdocfest Festival, Formula Kino Horizont, Komsomolski prospekt 21/10, 22:00 (Moscow time)

14 December - Artdocfest Festival, Formula Kino Horizont, Komsomolski prospekt 21/10, 19:15 (Moscow time)