Eureka's new "My Friend Terrorist" at DocsBarcelona 2009


Our new documentary project has been qualified into the group of projects which are going to be presented at the DocsBarcelona pitching session in late January. 35 countries with 165 projects applied, out of which 24 most interesting and giving hopes to be successfully realized were chosen.

Project "My Friend Terrorist" is a story of the real friendship between two men living in the dangereous, immersed in endless war, but still magic land of Chechnya. The authors Marcin Mamon and Mariusz Pilis have spent dozens of months over the last 15 years and have plenty of hours of exclusive materials about this land. In their film they will try to explain a mysterious death of Shamil Basayev, considered by many goverments to be one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

The film is at the development stage and is being co-financed by European Media Development Programme as well as by Polish Film Institute. The release is planned in the end of 2010.

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